Sables District Junior Squad


Juniors refers to youth still in school, generally starting at around 9-11 years in age.


Lawn bowls is a sport that requires no particular talent or aptitude it can be played from around 9-11 years of age, but it does require the assistance of a qualified coach and the size of bowl required will change with age.


Sables Bowls wishes to encourage younger players to take up the sport and actively assists in keeping the costs incurred as low as possible. To achieve this, aim the district created the junior squad.


Established in 2008, the squad is a vehicle for encouraging younger people to take part in the sport of lawn bowls.


Operating as a part of the Sables district the squad provides:

  • Free membership of a club, the district and national bodies.
  • Free coaching and the loan of suitable size bowls
  • The opportunity to play in competition matches against teams from the province and surrounding provinces.
  • The opportunity to be selected to represent the Sables district in the National championships.


Since its inception our teams have been successful at both regional and National level, in 3 National competitions we have won 2 bronze and a gold medal. It is good exercise which encourages mental strength, focus and good manners.


Any interested parent or young person should contact us, we will be only too willing to assist you.